We've been breeding these composite terminal sire rams for the past 25 years, and have seen steady yearly improvement toward our goal of a leaner, fast-growing market lamb that performs well on pasture. If you're looking to introduce proven, data-backed genetics to your flock, Siremax may well be what you're looking for.                                Sale List                           Siremax Website





We rely on our border collies to move both sheep and cattle on a daily basis. When trained well, they're invaluable work companions on a farm such as ours. Litters are born occasionally; if you're interested in buying a working dog, let us know and we'll get in touch when they're available





Born of working parents, these dogs have been an effective way to deter and reduce predation on our farm, as well as on many others. Pups are reared with sheep. Our dogs are a mix of Tatra, Maremma, and Spanish Mastiff. - Pups currently available, contact us for more information.


Current Siremax Ram Sale List

B16xxx refers to a ram born April/May of 2016, B15xxx to one born in April/May of 2015

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